Monday, March 16, 2009

Important Element for the Blog

Blog element is a accessories that can support the appearance and existence of a blog. Google already provides some elements that can be installed on the blog but it is not possible for me to install all these element. After selecting, finally I have put some of them. In my opinion, there are some elements that should be installed on a blog.

Subscription Links
With this Widget visitors can subscribe to our articles

Last Post.
With this widged visitors will know what our last post

Last Comments
With this widged visitors will know who has commented, and the person who gave the comment will be happy because his name is written here

Top Commenters
With this widged visitors will know who most commented

With this link I can put the url address of a friend or anyone who would like to exchange links

Community Group
which contains several people who have joined with us. Who knew there are readers who want to join with us. Example: google friend connect, groups on mybloglog, blogcatalog group and on the other.

Hit Counter
With this widged could have known how many visitors have come to our blog.

I am very happy, when there is among readers that can provide input about what an important element for use in the blog.