Sunday, March 22, 2009

Managing and optimizing a blog with webmaster tools

After we have finished making blog the next step is trying to optimize the blog we have created. As a beginner I use webmaster tools, this tool has been provided for free by google. This tool can Increase the visibility of our site in Google's search results.

Some benefit from the google webmaster tools: We can advise on the google page on our site with how to submit a sitemap. And when we have removed the page on our blog, we can notify google, so google will remove from search results. We will know who has been linked to our site. and pages where people who have views on our site.We can analyze our blog so that we can understand when there are problems on the content of our blog. Once we understand there is a problem we can fix it.

To launch this tool we have to login to our blog, open dashboard page and we will find this tool in the Tools and Resources. I know, as a beginner surely this article still far from perfect, I pray for that input and suggestions from all of you.
regards, eric