Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Checking the Damage Blog Links

One alternative to improve our blog rank on search engines is by exchanging links. Exchanging links means we provide a link to the blog friends and blog friends also provide a link to our blog. when many blogs that make our blog a link to the better our position in search engines.

In connection with this link, we must know that search engines do not like the blog that provides links to the damaged address. possibly because of blogs that we give these links have been renamed or deleted.

If we have a broken link. It would be better if we improve the delete link. And if find a link that has the switch redirects, we better change the link to the redirect it, (if we believe these links are diverted by the owner of the blog, with content that is not too much different from the first link.)

Have you checked your link today? Good if you've checked your link. But if you have not checked, please try .....