Saturday, February 28, 2009

the purpose of creating a blog

Blog as a home in the virtual world .
The first place we go when using the internet
The place to store all things that we considered important

Everyone has a different purpose in creating a blog, as well as me. I have created a blog with several goals which are:

Personal Experiences
In this blog I will write about my activities in making the blog. how to make a good blog

Search for Friends
The other goal in making my blog is to find a friend. With so many friends we can exchange ideas and increase knowledge

Learn Something
With blogs, I look forward to learning about something. With the help of all new my friends of course.

Additional Revenue
One of the additional revenue that can be obtained from the blog is google adsense. Another possibility is, who knows when we can create a blog will get a job from friend to create website.

About this google adsense I have ever been put through my first blog but not yet approved for the reason that the language is not supported. Eventually appear in my mind how to create a blog so that it can be accepted by google adsense easily.

I am very grateful if any readers who would like to share experiences and give advice to me. I hope all suggestions can be learned by anyone who visits this blog. That have the same problems of course.

To see my friend who is giving advice can be viewed here
Regard ericjogja