Friday, February 27, 2009

Good heart bloger (in my opinion)

Good Heart Bloger according to me ( in my opinion) is bloger which has provided comments and suggestions on my blog. They are :

Blog Name: rumahislami
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Just for sharing my friend: all you have to do is create a new blog and make 10 posts in English before registering to Google Adsense. Please don't put any ads on your blog. Blogroll is fine. Put my link at the first place (this one just kidding!). And don't use the same ID (aka KTP)that already used to your first register :)
Please tell me if it works :D
Blog Name: Alternative Rock and More!
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I'll be on ball with you rightaway. Become my friend and we'll talk forever about this and that. All the best in the meanwhile Rumahislami.
Blog Name: clayrndarrow. , tbluiv , darrowrepository
Coment on: i really need advice how to make a good blog
Hey, I'm a new blogger too! My advice to you is to produce great content! You can hang around my group if you'd like;they're a jolly bunch, and I've helped many of them establish their blogs. Good luck!
Nightowl Mama

Blog Name: nightowlmama, nightowlmamablogreviews, drivingmeinsane2
Coment on: i really need advice how to make a good blog
Being new toblogging my self I can only point you in a few directions and hope that you can find what you need.
My personal favorite for site improvement or
Hopefully you don't mind the links. You can also stop by and visit my blogs and others for ideas. Personally adding google adsense will allow you to bring in some income so I would look into that as well. Every little bit helps right.
Vinay Rai
Blog Name: onlinemoneywithgoogleadsense
Coment on: reason-why-my-blog-has-not-been ...
I think your blog will not be approved soon. Your blog should be atleast 6 months old for you to be eligible for adsense.

Important news for all bloggers, google has stopped approving blogspot sites for Adsense program. you need to have your own domain name and hosting in order to qualify for adsense program.
Coment on: purpose-of-creating-blog
The best option for you right now to monetize you blog is to use Bidvertiser ads. I think bidvertiser ads are better than google adsense.
I can tell you , I have my Bidvertiser account approved, speedy ads account approved, Netklix ads approved,kontera ads approves,infoline ads approved but I don't want to be greedy and that is why I don't put any ads on my blog. But you can try all that I have listed to monetize your blog.
Blog Name:windowsxpmadeeasy
Coment on: i really need advice how to make a good blog
Hi, if you want to change your template, here are some websites that they offer free templates for blogger.
And my other blogs, here they are:
Have a nice day and enjoy blogging.
Coment on: The Puspose of Creating Blog
i am agree with you, my main purpose is learn something that i didn't know before at cyber world. Blog is really great. i love this world and it make us productive.he3x
talking about monetize your blog,, i will give you some tips for adsense:
1. Make at least 15-20 content
2. Submit your blog to The biggest Searh engine: google, MSN, yahoo
3. Learn more at adsense forum :
4. You can try another ads like
5. if you want to another additional revenue just by review product. PM me via my e-mail
5. Keep visitng my blog.he3x


Blog Name:srini-aspnet-tour.
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when you saw other blogs Iam sure you will get an idea like where to start and what is your goal etc.
keep going on
One Muslim
Blog Name:stories-frameoflife.
Comment on: i really need advice how to make a good blog

just say no no to your worry, even if your grammar proved wrong, spinning, upside down etc, people will still come in if they found your blog is sort of nice, imformative (from their own view). Just makesure your language is able to be understand, that is the standard for communication. Else, it is better you to use English now as by time, you will possibly self improved, and there is no shame about this.
Comment on:p:my-activities.

Rajiv Kohli

Blog Name:mywayofearning
As you have asked me about Google Adsense and my answer is:
1. post original contents.
2. update your blog regulalry.
3. participate in forums
4. comments on other's blogs.
5. be friendly
more the traffic you will get more you will earn.
Blog Name:promptaday
you should have more content besides this stuff. update regularly with a specific goal and content, or else we don't know what your blog is about. build up an archive first or else no one will stay on your site long enough to help you make money.