Friday, April 17, 2009

Appropriate Time to Sign Up Google Adsense

E ach person create a blog with the goal of their own. some aims to join the google adsense. if you plan to register your blog to google adsense.

I will recount a my few experiences.
The first is to use blog content in a language that is supported by google adsense, with the number of articles about 20 articles. If you already have a blog with a language that is already supported, the next step is to register your blog.

When it's appropriate to register? not too fast, because most likely rejected for reasons not in our blog indek by google. Try signing up after one month you make a blog. while waiting for a month pass, it is better for you if you still make the article, introduce your blog by join to social community and register your blog on search engine

After that, then now you register your blog to google adsense and wait for the answer to 2 - 3 days. When it is rejected, learn the reasons, fix it if there is a wrong and register again on next month. As a comparisonm I do have my registration up to three times, and approved in the third.

On this occasion, I do not intend teach you. Because I am also a beginner in this case. I just re-told what I have experienced. And hopefully add insight and enthusiasm you
create blog.