Saturday, November 7, 2009

Know the Development of Blogs with Page Rank

In doing a job, there must be something to measure the extent to which the success of the work we have done.

As well as this blog, after a few months ago has made this blog, i want to know about how the development of this blog, how's it going? not grow or thrive. This is important for me to write here especially considering this blog as my personal notes in creating and building a blog

To see how the development of a blog. There are many ways that can be used. On this occasion I use pagerank.

What is PageRank?
According to wikipedia,

PageRank is a patented algorithm which is used to determine the more popular sites. PageRank is one of the main features of the Google search engine and created by its founder, Larry Page and Sergey Brin is a Ph.D. Stanford University students.
How to use it?
To check the page rank of this, i've used a tool that can be found here, I was very surprised to see the results of this blog pagerank . There I have seen that my blog has a PageRank 3. It is beyond my expectations. Especially considering that this blog is only my blog entry about how to make a good blog .

Seeing the results and the development of this blog, i became excited again to write my notes here. in addition, it gives meaning to me that a few tips that I wrote and I practice it really works.

Have a nice blogging,