Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Top Collection Free Blogger Template 2011

Lately, I more often make a post about free blogger templates  I've found while surfing. When finding a good free  blogger template I've  recorded through this blog

why do I collect samples of the template?
This is necessary for me because a friend recently asked me to make a website for his business. This is consistent with the objectives the first time I create a blog, to open a business website development. By having several alternative templates will ease when offered the view website to my friends.

That's a little reason why I made a post about free blogger templates, although it was not made my own template. I hope my friends can understand my reasons for this. and hopefully my post about free blogger template is useful also for readers of this blog.

To see my collection  (there are still few and I still will add later on) you can visit my collection of free blogger templates.